We shoot a lot of events. The worst part about doing speeches, and presentations is that unless the client is willing to spend a lot of money either with a video switcher or with editing your stuck with a single camera or taking a hit on price. Single camera is never a great choice when shooting these types of things. Neither is taking a hit on the dollars. No one wants to work for free. Video for clients is usually an after thought and they never value the labor that goes into producing quality content. This is the biggest reason I love using iOS devices. They make the work flow faster and easier. This is a perfect case and point.california payday loans

To shoot an event with 4 cameras and switch it live requires a lot of pre planning, planning, and coordinating and a lot of gear and people. To shoot multicam with iOS devices can be as simple as having 4 iOS devices and 1 operator or up to 4 operators. The beauty of it, is that the iOS devices connect to the video switcher (an iOS device) wirelessly. You cut between the cameras live and when you are done the main iOS device calls the high resolution files from each of the iOS devices separately. So 10 minutes after your done you have a complete edit with very little work. You do need a wifi hotspot but if one of the iOS devices is LTE enabled you can create a mobile personal hotspot and then you don’t need wifi (this doesn’t eat data from your data package). You could also bring a router with you if thats easier. If something goes wrong or you don’t like a shot you picked it’s not an issue, ¬†you can take the original full length clip off of the camera of the iOS device that originally shot it. It’s all recorded locally to the iOS device that shot it as a back up. This is a great process and workflow for corporate work, recitals, sports, events, concerts and more. There are plenty of apps out there to make this happen but the one I like the best is the multi-cam app. Audio comes from the main iOS device.

My recommendation is that you plug in a feed from the audio board in the room and if you can you get a audio only recording from the board as a back up. This is always a good practice. Just because we are using technology to make it easier doesn’t mean we should not take the normal precautions. I just think that this is all awesome! Its a great solution to make this type of work better and easier.