I began my career as a journalist in 1998. I started at LI News Tonight on Long Island. We delivered news to TV viewers nightly. I worked as a reporter, producer and even a camera operator. Early on I began to shoot and edit my own stories. I used a huge camera that was connected to a 3/4″ tape deck and ¬†weighed a lot. It was a long slow process but it had come along way since the days of film. 3/4″ tape looked terrible, not even as good as an iPhone 3Gs. I remember dreaming of a day when my camera would have a modem in it and make me live without a microwave truck or satalite dish from anywhere. I would dream about being able to edit in the field on the fly. See I worked fast and I also worked with little to no budget. I always was trying to be creative and inventive and do more for less. I always was trying to push the limits.same payday loans

Funny thing is I never imagined a day when my phone and or my tablet would afford me opportunity to do these things. I can and do shoot very high end stuff with very high end gear. But the thing is I have always wanted to be more like James Bond, which means carrying more gear and having cooler gadgets that do more. Doing a broadcast with all the expensive gear in the world is easy. Being creative and doing it on a budget while pushing the limits of technology and having the audience not know- no thats a challenge and that is fun. Its one of the reasons I love DSLRs. Why use a huge camera that only shoots video when I can use a smaller one, with footage that looks better, gives me more control over an image and lets me control the shots more.

So these days there are a lot of choices when it comes to cameras. None excite me as much as the iPhone/iPad combination. The devices are basically computers, so the cool thing is that through the use of apps you can shoot stunning video, stills, time lapses, stop motion and more and then cut them on the same device. Your gear bag shrinks, your speed increases and so does the quality and what you can do. Now there are some things to know and to do but the possibilities are endless and while a lot of people would question the quality, I would say this…if you treat the gear correctly and use the right audio gear and supports, the quality is amazing and what you can do makes it more engaging and interesting. So yeah, my iOS devices are quickly becoming my favorite tools for shooting and editing. They say its not the tools its the craftsman and I whole heartedly agree, except these tools enable you to be a better craftsman and tell the story better. There really isn’t anything you can’t do with an iPhone.