iFilmmaking Journalism

What we do

We Do It

We have a team of award and Emmy Award winning video journalists who have traveled the globe to bring viewers the most compelling stories possible. We are story tellers. Hire us to do iFilmmaking Journalism for you. We are highly adept and easily deployable.

You Do It

We will consult on apps, equipment needed and then train your team so they can produce excellent coverage quickly and easily and go places you couldn’t go before.

Save Time

iFilmmaking and journalism is a perfect marriage. Need it fast. Done. Need it live Done. Need it undercover done. Need it cheap done. iFilmmaking offers so many options and opportunities for journalists but maybe the best is the ability to churn out content at record pace and lower cost while maintaining quality. Let us show you how.

Better Content, Faster

Imagine this: in 9 minutes your journalist interviewed someone, shot b-roll, wrote a script, voiced it, edited it and delivered the story with graphics and is now writing an article or moving on. All from one device. That’s the speed that turnaround can happen and thats important to you and your audience. Get it to them faster, better and from anywhere thats what they want, because that is the power and freedom of information. That makes your organization an asset to them. That brings power to the people.  


Shot on iPhone Several Years ago:



If you need high end journalism, digital marketing or video/photo production including live and multi-camera broadcasts please see our parent company ArtsIsMedia at: http://www.artsismedia.com