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While we believe that its not the tools but the craftsman we also believe that without some essential gear you would be at a great disadvantage so we will sell you and set you up with the equipment we use.

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The mobile devices are amazing in part because they aren’t just cameras, they are computers in their own right. That allows them to be so much more then just cameras. We are on the cutting edge and up on the latest apps to help make the productions easier and better and push the equipment to the limits.

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we have years of experience and many awards for our creative, production and storytelling abilities and experience. We will give you a wealth of knowledge and show you how to execute properly to best create projects.

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Sign up for a service agreement so that we can help you stay current with equipment, apps, training and always get help when needed.

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We offer you the opportunity to have us select the right gear for you. Every situation is different and we can put together packages that work best for your situation. Its all gear we know and test and believe in. Its the stuff we use.

Additionally, we will give you a list of apps to download to make the productions faster, more efficient, better and smoother.

We then train you and your team on the gear, apps and workflows. We will more then get you up to speed and fast. Our training is 3 days of intense programming. Learn from our years of experience and creative abilities.

Furthermore let us service you, so you are always surest and up to date with the latest technology and get help and support when needed.

If you need high end digital marketing or video/photo production including live and multi-camera broadcasts please see our parent company ArtsIsMedia at: