How It Works

Video - It's Just 4 Simple Steps

Discuss and Plan

Our first step is to meet with you and assess your goals and needs. We will then discuss options and creative as well as use of content and delivery. Once we create a plan we will discuss pricing, turn around time and scheduling.


With iFilmmaking you get one flat fee for the video project  (determined on the scope of the video) which includes shooting and editing voice overs and royalty free music. Pay in full by cash or credit card and we move on to the next step.

film and edit

After payment is received we schedule the shoot based on our plan from the meeting. We show up and shoot for the allotted time 2-4 hours. Then edit, including music and voice overs.


When the project is complete we deliver it to you as a .MOV or .MP4 via a dropbox (cloud filing cabinet) type service or on a USB flip drive. From there you can upload it to Youtube or other places and get it ready for TV or digital signage. If we are a part of the deployment and marketing process we will help with that process and the decisions of where to place it.  

How It Works

Equipment and Training - It's Just 4 Simple Steps

Discuss, Assess and Plan

We discuss and assess what your needs are. We create a plan for now and the future. This includes what equipment you need to purchase, what apps, and how much. We also discuss the training. During this process there is constant feedback and communication as we make minor adjustments.


Once we have established what gear and training you will need we send you a bill and you pay by credit card or paypal.

Order and Deliver

We order your gear and have it shipped directly to you. We have great relationships with manufacturers, wholesalers, reps and in some cases retailers. We work to get you the best deals and this process saves you time and money.  

Setup and Train

Once you have the gear, we train your staff in person about the gear, how to set it up and use it. Training is typically a 3 day process treated like hands on seminars. We definitely get you out and shooting and using the workflows and apps.

How It Works

Digital Marketing - It's Just 4 Simple Steps

Discuss and Asses and Plan

We learn about your products and services and what you have been doing. We discuss whats been working and what hasn’t and come up with a plan that will work.


Once we have a plan we can determine a fee or fee structure. You render payment via credit card or paypal.


Once payment is received we begin to implement the plan. We keep working it and make minor adjustments.  

Track Results

After the planned amount of time we will review your stats and analitycs, doing a complete analysis, so we can all gauge our progress and make the necessary adjustments if any are needed. If not we can keep the machine rolling and work on the next plan for you.




If you need high end digital marketing or video/photo production including live and multi-camera broadcasts please see our parent company ArtsIsMedia at: