Creation and Production

What we do

Product or Service Video

These are short videos to highlight a product or Service. They will incorporate music and may have voice overs.


Explanation or Education Video

An educational or explanation video is a good way to introduce new ideas, concepts and products to market. Usually 1-3 people appear in these videos and tell a story. These can also be recruiting videos for potential clients, staff or donors.


Review Videos

Say something important and directly with a review video. Review videos are straight sales pitches. These videos focus on the benefits of the product or service and usually are led by one person on camera and come off like a product review.


Music Videos, Multi Camera, Live and Viral

Multi-camera shoots are best for events like concerts and we can do these. Music Videos are a specialty as is live streaming and viral videos, all of which can be fun and good for business.


As the demand for quality video (filmmaking)/photo creation and digital marketing has increased, the equipment has become better and cheaper creating a misconception that production costs less. However the work flows and labor involved have gone become more intensive. So creating great video for less has become a challenge for companies who need these videos and creatives who produce this content.

 We realize the need for our expert storytelling and creative abilities and at the same time the desire to keep costs low.

 We also understand that most clients need short videos between 1 and 3 minutes in length and turnaround time is paramount as well.

 So we created iFilmmaking. We have some of the most talented filmmakers hungry to tell your stories, create and earn money. They are ready to work and be creative.

 The key is that at iFilmmaking we have figured out how to ease the work flow burden yet deliver similar quality projects. All while creating more viewer engagement. This allows us to offer our services for less and that’s what we are doing. We have got it down to a formula. Pricing begins as low as $999.99 per video with bulk discounts available. This includes the creative, 2-4 hours of shooting, creative accompanying (b-roll) footage to splice in and an edited finished 1-3 minute video.

 We realize that some of you feel you can purchase the appropriate equipment and put these projects together yourself, especially if you need to create videos frequently. And while we understand this need we would remind you that it would often be more productive and efficient with better results if you hired us. You could change your own oil or cut your own hair but most choose to have professionals do it. However, if you are inclined to do it yourself we offer our consulting and education program. This is perfect for those who prefer to be creative on their own. But we will help you get the right equipment and train you on how best to use it. We also offer reasonable rates on digital marketing, social marketing, digital signage, high end film and photo production.

The best part… It’s all simple, easy and affordable.

If you need high end digital marketing or video/photo production including live and multi-camera broadcasts please see our parent company ArtsIsMedia at: