There are many great apps that can help you create amazing content on iOS devices. Here is a list of the ones I like and why. They all do different things so they work well together. Please keep that in mind.


Touchcast: Touchcast is an amazing app for the iPad (and also PC). This app allows you to create great videos. You can easily green screen in a background and even add titles. It has a great built in Teleprompter feature and even audio controls and meters. The app also boasts the ability to allow the user to do voice overs if they don’t need to be on camera and its got a super fast workflow. ┬áMore importantly then that this app allows you to create (or re-edit already produced videos) the most compelling and engaging content I have seen. We are talking about content that is clever and completely interactive. I think every video should pretty much be a touchcast. It’s perfect for just about everything and great for multi-taskers like me. Touchcast helps shift people to the second screen or put the second screen in your hand.


Filmic Pro: If your trying to shoot serious video there isn’t a better app to start with. This app offers the users a ton of features, most notably the ability to choose frame rates and data record rates. Shooting at 50/Mbps is full HD quality at high resolution higher then a lot of the DSLRs that are so popular shoot at. This app also allows you to control the aperture and focus and lock those assests in. Its a great app that allows you to grab the uncompressed files without using camera roll (which compresses everything). It also tells you how much battery (it burns a lot) you have left and how much storage space too. This is a great app, created by a great guy! See my interview with him here:

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Stop Motion: Easily create great stop motion videos and animations. This is great cause it takes literally no time and and no brain power. Stop motions are amazing but they are also super cool as bumps and graphics. make sure you don’t shake the iOS device by using a tripod and the headphones that came with the phone as a trigger, or use their other app as a remote from a second device.


Time Lapse: TimeLapse easily creates timelapses for you. Its quick (not waiting for the timelapes to happen but creating them) its easy and its great for all sorts of projects. You might prefer to use an iPad or iPod touch or you will be without your phone as the timelapse is happening which usually takes at least an hour and upto well however long you would like.


iMovie: This is the best video editing platform I have used across all devices. It has the most features and flexability.


Pinnicle Editing Studio: Best Editing platform for non linear editors who have been doing it on premier or the old final cut and are married to that approach. This works great, is intuitive and has some terrific features. Its worth the purchase.


Videolicious: This app is truly amazing and mind blowing. Videolicious can single handedly help you crank out an enormous quantify of videos in a short amount of time without sacrificing quality. Edit the video live in real time, add graphics, music and more. Its truely amazing. I love this app.


Garage Band: Create music or do voice overs on garage band. Then use them in other apps. Its easy, great and all encompassing. Easy to use even for a novice.


Thats what I got for you right now. I will keep them coming though.